WGU624 Router Login - User name, Password and IP address

Default login:

Username admin
Password password
IP Address



This router is the focus of your internet which provides the Wi-Fi Network. Without it, you will not be able to surf the web, play online games, and stream videos. When you purchase a WGU624, some steps need to be taken to keep it running.


  • Ensure that your computer devices are connected to your router through a wireless network or an Ethernet cable.
  • Type in the internet protocol address of the Netgear WGU624 into the search bar of your preferred web browser. The paperwork kept should have a list of the internet protocol address, and you can get it from the router's base.
  • The address will lead you to a login page of the interface of the login. It will prompt you to put in your password and username. The login information can also be found at the bottom of the router and in the paperwork.


It is easy to gain access to your login details, and this is because manufacturers make use of the same details for all their routers. So the first thing to do to protect your router is to change the username and password. Next, locate the general settings, network admin and change the login details. Finally, ensure that the new password and username are secured, and you can remember them.


Locate the wireless security menu and configure your router's security scheme, and it can be one of these;

  • WPA2
  • WEB
  • WPA

WPA2 is the standard and the most secure, although some devices wouldn't Wi-Fi network with the scheme. In addition, few routers are created with multiple networks, which will help to overcome the compatibility issue. After clicking on the wireless network, you will be asked to enter your password and username.

The SSID and username of the network can also be changed after changing the wireless password. Changing it will make it easier to differentiate it from other networks if you live in a busy environment. Locate the general settings menu and search for the SSID field, and type in your preferred network username.


To access the interface of your router, you need to enter the internet protocol of your address. The private internet protocol address of your router is more than a website address. The four numbers of the address are separated by periods, and they allow communication between computer devices and the router. Without an internet protocol address, your router will not get data requests from the computer, and you will not have internet access. The address is at the WGU624 router’s base and online.

  • Open the menu that displays a list of available internet networks when the computer is connected to the router with an Ethernet lead or Wi-Fi. The menu is situated at the bottom right corner of your computer screen when using a windows OS, and it is located on the system preference menu on a MAC OS X Computer.
  • The internet protocol address is located next to the word router on MAC Computer.
  • Scroll through the menu on a Windows computer until you see the IPv4. The number next to it is your private internet protocol address.


The Netgear WGU624 has two internet protocol addresses. The private internet protocol address only affects your home network. All the computer devices are connected to the router using the private internet protocol address, and each of the computers has its internet protocol address. Your router knows where to distribute the requested information from the internet. Once the router receives the request from a computer connected to the wireless network, it transmits it to the public internet protocol address.

Other people can see your public Internet protocol. When websites are visited, they use the public IP address of their router to send the requested information back to your router using your internet service provider. No two routers have the same public internet protocol address, and your public internet protocol can be changed sometimes as some numbers can get used. This is called a dynamic internet protocol. Your present public internet protocol address can be searched on Google by typing 'what is my IP address is?'

Default IP for WGU624 Login Admin

Based on your local ip address, pick the correct IP address from the list above and click Admin. You should be redirected to your router admin interface.